Ski Rentals in Heavenly

From ski and snowboard gear, goggles and helmets, you'll find a healthy assortment of discounts for ski rental shops at Heavenly. The South Lake Tahoe area is a sight to behold, and so are these deals that help put more money back in your wallet. You'll find local ski enthusiasts at each shop who can tell you all about the best ski runs and which trails offer the most challenge! Get set up with the proper skis, snowboards, bindings, poles and the like when you rent from any of the shops below all while finding the best prices. In addition, some businesses even offer delivery services that come right to your door! Imagine getting all of your equipment in one fell swoop but not having to step into a shop when you want to head to the slopes instead. And if you prefer to bring your own gear, some shops can, for example, tune skis for best performance at a discounted rate! Level up your ski experience with dedicated staff members who can point you to the right equipment every time. Enjoy the special deals you'll find all right here and feel confident in receiving everything you need for a fantastic day in the snow.

Deals for Ski Rentals

Epic Mountain Rentals

Epic Mountain Rentals offers a fantastic assortment of ski and snowboard rentals as well as a wide array of accessories from world famous brands. You'll be schussing in no time and doing it all in style. With equipment that is always kept in great condition, there's no denying that you're getting the best products at the best prices. Offering the lowest prices on the highest quality equipment, they cater to all levels of skiers and snowboarders at Heavenly. Take advantage of their free delivery service and use this discount to save money and set up your online reservations.

Save up to 40% off Ski and Snowboard Rentals Up to 15% off for Everyone Another 20% of ...

Heavenly Sports

Heavenly Sports is the finest ski rental shop in the South Lake Tahoe. All of your retail and rental needs will be met no matter what you are looking for. Plus, you can use this deal to put more money back into your wallet while renting excellent ski and snowboard equipment. Pick up your gear at one location and drop it off at another to make it that much easier to deal with your rental items. There's no need to head back to the same store, especially since you have so much off-piste to explore! Take this opportunity to apply the discount here today and have a wonderful time on the mountain.

Save up to 40% off Ski and Snowboard Rentals Up to 15% off for Everyone Another 20% of ...

Powder House Ski & Snowboard

Powder House is a top choice ski rental shop offering a wide assortment of ski & snowboard options at affordable prices! This deal will help decrease cost even more, which means you can put that money away or to good use for more fun on the mountain. Whether you're looking for a demo ski package, high performance package, or just simply need to rent poles and a helmet, this is the shop to be at. Since 1994, this shop has been serving stellar customer service and ski equipment for skiers of all levels. Use this promo code today and discover why Powder House has earned their well-deserved title of the "Best Ski & Snowboard Rental Shop" in the South Lake Tahoe area!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ski Butlers and Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery are two of the more popular ski delivery companies in the Western U.S. and deliver directly to your hotel or condo at Heavenly. Heavenly Sports and Powder House Ski & Snowboard Delivery are local companies that also deliver brand-name skis and snowboards on demand.

Powder House Ski & Snowboard is a top choice for ski rentals in the South Lake Tahoe area – including Heavenly. The Powder House Boot & Demo Center in Heavenly Village has a wide selection of gear and a “try before you buy” program if you want to test something out before you purchase it. Rentals include top name brands with lots of styles and sizes from which to choose.

Rainbow Mountain Ski & Board Rentals has an excellent selection of snowboarding equipment and a seasoned staff to help you every step of the way. With each rental, boarders of all ages and abilities receive a custom fitting with lots of top brands from which to choose.

Powder House Ski & Snowboard rents ski clothes for adults and children. Choose from jackets, pants and helmets in a variety of sizes and styles for men, women and children. Rent ski clothes from Powder House Ski & Snowboard and every fourth day is free. (Rent days one, two and three – and your fourth day is free of charge.)

If you’re headed to South Lake Tahoe to ski Heavenly, find promo codes and discount codes at that can save you money on your equipment rental. Find savings at several local shops that are close to the lifts, or have gear delivered directly to your door courtesy of Ski Butlers and Black Tie Ski Rental Delivery.

We all love a good deal on ski rentals! To find coupons, vouchers, promo codes and other discounts for skiing at Heavenly, visit, the original ski savings website. Browse current specials all in one place and pick the best deal for you, your family or your ski group. Deals change often, but you can routinely save 10 percent or more on your gear rental.

Heavenly ski outfitters carry all types of equipment that you can rent for fun on the mountain. From beginner setups to more advanced high-performance gear, the ski shops in Heavenly have it all! Before you head out to the ski shops, browse inventory and specials for Heavenly at There, you will find all the current deals in one place so you can compare current promos and find what’s best for you.

Rent Skis has a full lineup of boots for skiing and snowboarding from the world’s best brands. With the lowest prices on the highest quality boots, Rent Skis caters to all levels of skiers and snowboarders at Heavenly. Take advantage of the free delivery service and have you boots brought right to your door and picked up for free when your vacation is over.

Need quality ski gear in Heavenly? There are some great local shops that carry skis and snowboards for all abilities and ages. Rainbow Mountain Ski & Board Shop, Heavenly Sports and Powder House Ski & Snowboard are three of the best outfitters in Heavenly. These highly rated shops rent gear for a single day, multiple days or the entire season.

Rainbow Mountain Ski & Board Rentals has skiing and snowboarding packages for kids that can’t be beat. The shop’s fantastic assortment of gear will keep kids safe on the mountain and cruising in style. With plenty of name brands and a custom fitting for each customer, Ski Butlers is a top pick that offers free delivery right to your door. Both outfitters rent adult gear, too.

Youngsters who need skis or a snowboard for the entire season should visit Heavenly Sports. The shop has a wide selection and often has discounts that can save you money. Ski Butlers carries the finest Rossignol gear and will deliver equipment right to your doorstep and pick it up at the end of the season.

Heavenly has a competitive marketplace for ski rentals, so you can usually find some great deals and discounts throughout the season. All current promotions, specials, discounts and coupons are posted on, the original Skier Deals website. No need to scour the internet for promo codes and other savings – just visit and find exactly what you need all in one spot.

Either way. Browse inventory and specials online through You can book ski rentals directly with the local shops and either have your gear delivered to your door when you arrive or visit the shop in person when you get to Heavenly. You can routinely save more than 10 percent off your rentals by using a coupon, promo code or other discount from There are also massive last-minute specials that can save you big money!