How do I redeem a deal/coupon?

This is not a transactional website. The deals you find at SkierDeals.com are generally free and are at no cost to you. When browsing the site, find a deal you like and follow the specifications to get the deal. You may be prompted to Print Deal, toggle over to the company’s website to book online with a promo code, or call and mention the deal. Or use our mobile app to save your favorite online deals and present to the company at the time of purchase! It should be that simple. Call us at 800.318.9030 if you have any questions!

What kind of deals do you have?

Our staff works hard to ensure the accuracy of the information on our websites. We work with businesses across the United States and Canada to bring you top online deals and discounts, so you can plan your entire vacation from one convenient location. Unfortunately, due to the nature and functionality of website design, it is possible there are human errors and incorrect information. Since these discounts are a courtesy of the companies we represent, they have the right to retract their offers at any time. Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

What if I find an expired deal on the site?

As hard as we work, this is bound to happen and we at Vacation Coupons have no control over this. Please contact the business directly and let them know their deal is expired. Often times, they will still honor the deal offer. Check back again soon as we try to update deals on a daily basis.

Can I share the deals with my friends?

Absolutely! Look for the “Share This” icons featured throughout our website and simply click the option you which to use to share our deals. 

What do you do with my information if asked to provide information?

Please read our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

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