The Best Ski Goggles – Win a Free Pair!

We’re always looking for the newest and best ski goggles on the market. Just like a favorite set of skis or that perfect-fitting pair of boots, ski goggles are one of the most important pieces of gear for a ski trip. Over the years, ski goggles have improved considerably, and the recent lineup of new releases is full of some awesome choices.

From affordable choices that are high quality to the best of the best ski goggles that will cost you a pretty penny, we’ve picked a few favorites for you to consider. Peek through our selections below and learn about what’s new, what your favorite pair of goggles will cost, and even learn how to win a free pair!

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Smith I/O ChromaPop Ski Goggles – Win a Free Pair!

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Smith I/O ChromaPop goggles are one the brand’s top items and retail for about $250. The goggles have marked improvements for 2020. The newest version retains the popular rimless style of previous models but has increased the field of view for this year’s version. The company has also re-engineered its signature Responsive Fit frame for an improved fit and feel.

The ChromaPop line is known for its unparalleled clarity and vast field of vision as well as it’s comfortable and reliable fit. The difference when you put on a pair of ChromaPop goggles is drastic – the terrain, bumps and obstacles almost jump right out at you. You’ll see everything on the mountain with minimum strain on your eyes – the peripheral vision ability is top notch.

best ski goggles
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The best ski goggles perform just as well in low light as they do on sunny, bluebird ski days. The anti-fogging inner lens fights off moisture and is another important feature that sets these goggles apart from the competition.

The 2020 I/O ChromaPops are highlighted by a wide, silicone-strapped back with the company’s noted QuickFit adjustment straps. QuickFit allows skiers and snowboarders the ease of readjusting the fit on the gondola or on the hill because it’s quick and easy. But the goggles fit so perfect from the first adjustment that you probably won’t be messing with them at all. The goggles are also a seamless fit with all compatible Smith helmets.

Our Favorite Ski Goggles

Okay, okay – so we all can’t be winners. Or maybe you need a new pair now and can’t wait to roll the dice with our giveaway. We get it. Never fear – there’s lots of awesome goggles out there that have a strong reputation, recent improvements, and can be purchased for a reasonable price. Here are a few of our other favorites out there right now. We picked a nice range of pricing, so you should be able to find something in your budget.

Oakley Flight Deck XM

A legend in the goggle game, Oakley’s Flight Deck XM goggles are one of the spherical options on the market and feature a rimless presentation with dual pane lenses and a top-quality fog coating to help maintain a clear field of vision when you’re busting through knee deep powder or crushing a mogul run.

Oakley’s noted Prizm technology keeps colors sharp in all conditions and is an ideal choice for skiers who love a big lens. A brand-new pair will run you about $200 online, but there are several specials that can knock the price down to around $150 depending on style and shipping costs.

Goggles are important for skiers and snowboarders of all ages. Here are a few of our favorite ski goggles for 2020.

Dragon Alliance NFXS

The NFXS line of goggles from Dragon Alliance feature premium injection-molded lenses with super anti-fog coating – giving them a lot of bang for your buck in the $200 (or less) range when purchased online. A cool feature is that you get a second lens that’s perfect for low visibility days. The goggles are crafted so changing lenses is simple and easy to accomplish on the mountain or chairlift or in the gondola.

Although a lesser-known name in the industry, Dragon Alliance has bee quietly growing into a skier’s favorite because of their innovative designs, comfy fit, frameless big lenses, fog control and progressive improvements over the seasons. If you’re seeking something fresh when you re-up your goggles, take a closer look at this up-and-comer.

Zeal Optics Voyager Ski Goggles

Skiers are loving the bluebird mirror lenses of the Zeal Optics Voyager ski goggles. The rimless goggles feature a strong anti-fog control and have everything you need in a high-quality pair of goggles. A sweet presentation with a seamless fit and superior vision, these goggles are a steal at around the $250 mark. You’ll be enjoying these triple-density foam framed bad boys for seasons to come.

These durable goggles have an impact-resistant frame which means they’ll hold up even when you’re pushing the envelope. Although the line only includes one lens, it’s all you need. We highly recommend the Optimum Clear + Bluebird mirror. It eliminates glare while protecting your eyes and opening the path ahead with ultra-clear visibility.

Von Zipper Capsule

Von Zipper is known for its sleek style, and the new Capsule ski goggle epitomize the company’s trademark look and feet. With a cylindrical lens and premier anti-fog technology, these goggles have a semi-rimless frame and provide a wide peripheral field of view. The triple-density foam construction makes them easy to wear while keeping away moisture and fog build-up.

Von Zipper Capsule ski goggles will cost you about $250 (or less) online, depending on availability and shipping costs. The goggles have a simple design upfront and a beautifully crafted and comfortable strap with the patented Von Zipper logo. The Capsule line comes in a few cool colors and easily interchangeable lenses. If you own a Von Zipper helmet, these goggles will fit perfectly.

Anon M3 MFI Ski Goggles

If speed is key, then the Anon M3 MFI goggles should be your next pair. The line claims to have the fastest lens change on the market with its unique twist-and-switch technology. The goggles have a small frame and special cylindrical Sonar lenses to block out light waves that reflect off the snow. Another neat feature is its unique channel venting that helps keep your lenses fog-free in all conditions. The top-of-the-line goggles are currently priced online in the $270 range, although savvy shoppers may be able to find them for less.

If you’re looking for a pair of goggles from a company that stays on the cutting-edge of technology, then take a deeper dive into this brand. Sure, they’re the priciest on this list, but a very strong argument can be made that they’re worth it.

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