Ski Rental ‘Skip’ Days a Hit at Winter Park, Granby Ranch

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from skiing during a mountain vacation. Maybe you’re feeling under the weather or you just went too hard yesterday and are feeling the effects today. One ski rental company in Winter Park understands that things happen from time to time and has introduced a new rental program that’s become popular with renters and even has a deal that can save you money.

Beavers Sport Shop in Winter Park has a unique policy that allows renters to only pay for the days they use the rental equipment. The policy allows renters to skip a day during their vacation without having to pay for rental gear or return the equipment to the store.

For example, say you’re headed to Winter Park for a ski vacation over a long weekend. Let’s say you plan to stay at a hotel on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, but only plan to ski on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (and NOT on Friday). Most ski rental companies would have you rent gear for Thursday and return it at the end of the day, then come back in for a second rental for Saturday and Sunday. At Beavers Sport Shop, you can hold on to your skis over the skip day so you’re ready for action and don’t have to trek back to the rental shop!

ski rental skip days

Winter Park’s Best Ski Rental Deal

Right now, you can save 30% off ski and snowboard rentals at Beavers Sport Shop if you book in advance through our website using the promo code SKICOUPON. This exclusive deal is only offered through us, here at Ski Deals and can save you 50% or more versus renting gear at the resorts. Offer expires May 1, 2020.

This is by far the best ski rental deal in Winter Park right now. You’ll receive quality boots, skis with poles or a snowboard with bindings as part of the deal, and the company has additional gear like helmets and goggles available. There are even clothes rentals if you forgot something at home or if you just want something new. Each rental comes with an expert fitting by an experienced ski tech who can answer all your questions and present you with many styles and sizes from which to choose.

Why Do You Need a Skip Day?

There are several reasons why you might need a skip day during your vacation. First, you might push it too hard on the mountain one day and need to take a day off for your aching body to recuperate. Next, you might have other plans. Let’s face it: There’s lots to do in the mountains other than skiing! Third (and unfortunately), you may get ill or just not feel up to it and may need a break. Whatever the situation, the flexibility is something you won’t get at other ski rental shops.

Beavers Sport Shop is the only ski rental provider in Winter Park that has this kind of policy. Some shops claim to offer similar deals, but all others require you to pay in full upfront and only allows you to take one day off. Beavers Sport Shop allows for multiple days and you pay when you return your gear. (You do have to pay a deposit fee equal to one rental day when you pick up your gear or have it delivered. The balance will be due when you turn in your equipment at the end of your vacation.)

Beavers Sport Shop is locally owned and operated. (Photo Courtesy Beavers Sport Shop.)

Ski Rentals in Winter Park and Granby Ranch

Locally owned and operated since 1995, Beavers Sport Shop has two locations in Winter Park and a ski shop at nearby Granby Ranch as well. Beavers Sport Shop also provides delivery if you can’t make it into one of their brick-and-mortar stores.

According to the Beavers Sport Shop website, the company goes off the honor system and asks that renters simply let them know how many days the gear was used.

Here are some other important notes about the ski rental skip day policy, according to the Beavers Sport Shop website:

  • There is a three-day minimum rental to be eligible for the skip policy.
  • The number of days rented must be equal to or more than the number of days not used.
  • Ski rental skip days can coincide with skipped days on your multi-day lift ticket.
  • The offer is not available to large groups and not valid with other specials or promotions but is available for Ski Deals guests using this code: skicoupon. View special here.

In addition to the one-of-a-kind ski rental deal, Beavers Sport Shop also offers free rentals for kids under age 12 when a parent rents gear for three days or more.

Personalized Ski Rental Service

When vacationers rent ski gear through Beavers Sport Shop in Winter Park or Granby, they are always guaranteed one-on-one service. The professional ski techs will first ask questions about your skiing or snowboarding experience to help get an idea of what gear will be best for you. There are rental packages for everyone from first-time skiers or snowboarders to high-performance rentals and demo gear for seasoned athletes. The ski rental skip days they offer is like icing on the cake!

Getting fitted in proper equipment is probably the most important aspect of your ski vacation. If your gear doesn’t fit good, you could get blisters, sore feet or even worse. Beavers Sport Shop has years of experience and are experts in the local terrain. Not only will you get prime ski equipment to conquer the mountain, you can also pick their brain about everything from ski school fundamentals to secret powder stashed on the mountain.

When it comes to ski boots, you’ll be able to pick from plenty of styles and sizes until you find the perfect fit. The staff’s main priority is your comfort and confidence! From understanding how boots should fit to the best ways to get them on and off, the staff will fill you in on everything you need to know. They’ll even explain the mechanics of bindings and can give you some tips to keep you upright on the slopes if you ask.