Mont Tremblant Sees Welcomed Improvements

The Popular Quebec Resort with a European Twist Will See An Array Of New Updates

Canada invokes a sense of adventure and untamed wilderness, even for those who have never visited. Its massive expanse of land might seem daunting to some, while others find its prospect awe-inspiring. And so do its many ski resorts! Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec is already a sight to behold and will see exhibit substantial changes for the 2018-2019 season.

Visitors have much to look forward to if they’re planning on heading to the resort thanks to Alterra Mountain Company. The hospitality company, which operates 14 ski destinations including Mont Tremblant, spent $17 million to update various infrastructures at the ski resort.

They began many of the projects during the summer of 2018, and are replacing the Lowell Thomas chairlift, renovating and expanding the summit chalet Le Grand Manitou and La Fourchette du Diable on the North Side of the mountain. They ambitiously created five new skiable glades and are wrapping up a handful of smaller projects like updating the washrooms in the Chalet des Voyageurs.

The Lowell Thomas Chairlift

The chairlift which currently services the entire upper North Side will be replaced by a Dopplemayr detachable quad. The new chairlift will boost capacity and move 600 skiers an hour. Having this updated chairlift will provide guests with a more comfortable ride up the mountain. It also doesn’t hurt that Dopplemayr chairs also feature heated seats and a wind-resilient bubble!

What’s better than reducing the amount of wait time to get on the lift? Many would say “not much!” And you’d be right. You won’t be wishing it was you on the slopes for long before you’re swept away to get some skiing in! It’s one of the many things you’ll get to look forward to when you arrive.

Updates To Le Grand Manitou & La Fourchette du Diable

Over time, buildings at any resort can experience wear and tear from extreme weather, moisture, and other natural causes. Le Grand Manitou has been through some tough weather but visitors will only see the amazing expansion and renovations being done to the majestic building.

Dine in the updated food service area, which will feature 400 additional seats. Or enjoy an abundance of windows that will bring in even more light and stunning views during cold winter days. Guests will also be able to sit in the eating area next to the TGV chairlift and fully marvel at the mountain’s beauty.

La Fourchette du Diable will be expanded and include an all-new annex to accommodate ski patrol operations. This will allow dedicated staff to quickly respond to any guest emergencies. Both buildings are expected to have better-reinforced foundations, which is incredibly important for resort structures to update. When dealing with heavy snow, snowmelt, and freezing temperatures, it’s never a bad idea to give a little extra TLC to buildings such as these! The elegance of the two chalets will stay intact and guests can relax at the distinguished ski resort in style.

New Glades Makes For New Ski Adventures

Staying on track to keep their formidable acreage, Mont Tremblant will now have 5 new glades and 1 trail. This will extend the total amount of trails to 102. Each new glade will feature different terrains for various skill levels, giving everyone a chance to try them out. Imaging exploring Mont Tremblant and having extra room to show off your sweet moves! That sounds like something everyone can get behind.

Experience The Wonder Of  Mont Tremblant

Named the “shivering mountain” for obvious reasons, Mont Tremblant has been offering skiers an exceptional winter oasis since 1939. Their unique pedestrian-only village, inspiring views of the Laurentians, and year-long events keep visitors on their toes.

Reconnecting with the joys of winter has never been easier than when you’re at Mont Tremblant. You can find the beauty all around you all while taking your time to visit all three snow parks and 50.8 miles (102 trails) of snowy land. With events abound, you won’t be hardpressed to find something magical at every corner of the resort! And take our word for it, because the possibilities are truly endless (thanks to all the activities on and off the slopes).

Are you ready to take a ride down the mountainside? With more than 1,100 snow guns, a vertical drop of 2,116 ft. and a variety of festive winter activities, you won’t want to get back to the “real world!” No one’s blaming you, because it would be hard to leave such a fantastic destination in the first place.

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