Kids’ Hottest Ski Gear from Head to Toe

A ski vacation, or trip, is always a time for creating good memories, and bringing your kids along is always something to look forward to. New excitements and adventures await, all in hopes that they will enjoy it all just as much as you. Check out some of this cool kids ski gear to help keep them warm and dry, learn to ride, and have a positive experience, season after season.

Stay warm on the mountain this season with all the hot new gear for kiddos. (Photo courtesy Burton Snowboards.)

Anon Kid’s Burner MIPS

Helmets top our kids ski gear list! There are two things in life we can all be certain of: Kids are highly prone to falling, and helmets are their (and our) best friends, especially when it comes to skiing or snowboarding. Anon has made it simple to choose a helmet for your mini-me, by designing a helmet that is easy to customize the fit, and can be trusted to protect. They have integrated the MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) which mimics our own brain’s protection system, as a defense against angled impact forces. The 360° BOA® Fit System makes it quick and easy to adjust the fit, with a simple turn of a dial. Fixed vents throughout the helmet allow airflow aiding in fog-free goggles, so your little one can see what’s out in front of them with ease.

POCito Retina Kid’s Specific Goggles

These goggles are gloated on for their exceptional kid-specific design, and rightfully so. The soft polyurethane frame is backed with a triple-layered soft foam that is easy on their face. The lenses are doubled, the outside made of polycarbonate for durability and treated with an anti-scratch coating. The POCito Retina Goggles come with Sonar Orange lenses to enhance the lighting on those not-so-sunny days.

Burton Kid’s Cora/Burke Hood

The Cora and Burke hoods from Burton are a great choice to add to your kids ski gear when it comes to keeping their heads, and ears, and face warm. These hoods have the design of a balaclava without the tight fit. Both the Cora and Burke Hoods are made from Burton’s proprietary DRYRIDE™ fleece, allowing moisture to wick away, and you can be confident in knowing your kid is warm and dry. The Burke Hood may be a preferred option for the kids who are learning (or already doing so) to ski or snowboard because it comes in the size option to slip over their helmets.

Top-notch ski gear will keep your youngster warm from head to toe, even on deep powder days. (Photo courtesy Burton Snowboards.)

Shred Dog Unisex Pups Convertible Bib Pant

Shred Dog is making it easy on both parents and kids in a few ways with this Convertible Bib. The fully taped seams and waterproof material will keep your kids dry on some of the wettest of days. If situations change, and a full bib is not necessary, the upper half is removable, converting into pants. The entire bib is lined with Thinsulate™ insulation providing ultimate warmth. Kids are rough, and their clothes get worn through quickly, which is why Shred Dog has been sure to reinforce those commonly worn-out places such as knees, instep, and the bottom hem. To fully “weatherproof” your kid, pair this bib with the Elevated Kid’s Hardshell.

Shred Dog Elevated Kid’s Hardshell

This is the ultimate hard shell for kids. The Elevated Hardshell is easily adaptable to all weather. It is fully waterproof, including all exposed zippers, as well as wrist cuffs that seal closed to keep snow from getting up their sleeves. The hood is helmet-compatible, with a high collar to protect their face from the weather. For super cold days, the Insulator Jacket provides superior warmth. When it gets warmer, the Insulator Jacket can be removed, and they can wear the breathable Hardshell on its own. One of the nicest features of this jacket is the Adjust-a-Fit™ designed sleeves. This allows them to lengthen, and shorten, to get that just-right fit, and makes this jacket one that can be used for more than just one season.

Wee Woolies Merino Pyjamas Base Layer Set

Keeping your little one dry is only part of doing what you can to ensure they enjoy their time outdoors, one of the other parts is warmth. The Merino Pyjamas/Base Layer Set from Wee Woolies is exactly what they need. This set is so comfortable it can be worn for anything and provides the level of warmth needed while out on the mountain too. Aside from the versatility, this set can be put in both the washer and dryer, a unique, and convenient feat that most don’t have.

kids ski gear
Kids ski gear is often colorful, comfy and cool! (Photo courtesy Burton Snowboards.)

 Reima Kids SkiDay Socks

Cold feet and toes are just about as bad as cold hands. With efforts to keep your kid as warm and comfortable as possible, good warm socks are as essential as a good outer layer. Reima Kids SkiDay socks are go-to pairs. They are made with a merino wool blend so they will be soft on the skin, and keep that ultra-warmth of wool. The soles, heels, and toes are reinforced for durability. The SkiDay socks are not only great at temperature control, but also moisture-wicking, and dry quickly.

Hestra Kid’s CZone Mitt

As most parents know, if one thing can upset a day out skiing, it’s those aching, wind-dried, freezing fingers. Top your kids ski gear list and avoid any issues of cold, wet, tear causing hands with Hestra’s Kids CZone Mitt. These mittens are kid-level durable and made to be windproof, waterproof, and still breathable. The outer material is made with polyester fabric to quickly wick away moisture, and the palm-side has a polyurethane coating to enhance grip.

K2 Sprout Ski Poles

Kids seem to outgrow their ski poles just as quickly as their clothes, but with the K2 Sprout poles, you can get more than one season out of them thanks to the length adjusting feature. The rubber grip makes it easy for them to hang on to. The Sprout Poles are made of aluminum so that they are lightweight and won’t wear your little one out.

Elan Ezzy and Bloom Ski Boots

Elan has designed the ultimate set up for kid’s skis, bindings, and boots – from first timers to more intermediate levels. The Ezzy & Bloom boots are designed with the same U-Flex technology Elan uses in their kid’s skis, to encourage a natural and easier learning process, while helping to develop their skills further. This is another great buy for kids because one size can transform between three different sizes, so you won’t have to keep buying new boots every year.

Burton Snowboards has some of the sweetest designs on the market for kids, from slick top sheets to fun full-body coverage. (Photo courtesy Burton Snowboards.)

Elan Quick Shift Skis and Bindings

Elan’s line of Quick Shift Skis is designed around the needs of young new skiers. The U-Flex technology has changed the game for ease of learning. U-shaped grooves in the ski allow for more flexibility to implement an effortless learning experience and develop higher skill levels. Elan has made it even easier, by having the bindings already included, and mounted on the skis.

Burton Kids Grom BOA Snowboard Boot

If snowboarding is more your kid’s style, the Burton Kids Grom BOA® Snowboard Boot is great for a kid who loves to show off their independence. The BOA® Fit System makes tightening up your boot laces with ease, and your little rider will love that they can do it all on their own. The boot is super soft and flexible for ultimate comfort. The Room-to-Grow System allows these boots to be used for more than the season you bought them, too.

Burton Kids Ski Gear – After School Special Snowboard Package

Kids learn quickly and given the right “tools” they are unstoppable. The Kid’s After School Special Snowboard is the key to helping your kids learn to snowboard as easily, and simply as possible. The saucer-like shape and flat top bend provide stability and teach balance and board control while making it hard to catch an edge. Bindings come with this board and have already been mounted in a beginner-friendly stance that will also help in discovering whether your kid rides regular or switch.