How to Save Money on Ski Trips

Want to save money on ski trips? Surprisingly, there are lots of ways to save on your skiing or snowboarding getaway. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the deals, discounts, tips and tricks you need to know to save on a ski vacation.

21 Ways to Save Money on Ski Trips

1. Go To Skier Deals

Our website can be an excellent resource when planning your ski vacation. We have deals on our website for lift tickets, ski rentals, lodging, transportation, dining and activities at most major ski resorts in North America. We work with all the top resorts and even have exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else. Browsing destinations and deals on our site can help you decide where to go and give you plenty of options to save on every aspect of your vacation.

how to save money on ski trips
Follow these 21 tips and tricks on how to save money on ski trips.

2. Get On Email Lists

If you have a favorite resort, sign up for their e-mail list. Resorts often offer special promotions through e-mail alerts to their loyal guests. (And don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list.)

3. Find Free Skiing For Your Kids

Many ski resorts offer free skiing for children with a full-day, full-price adult lift ticket. Some ski destinations have free rentals, lift tickets for kids or both! Some resorts also offer free lessons. Finding a ski resort that gives kiddos a free pass can save parents money on the mountain.

4. Score Free Ski Lessons

Some ski resorts have free lessons for all ages with a paid lift ticket. This is a perfect money-saving option for anyone who wants to learn to ski or snowboard or does one and wants to try the other for a change.

5. Students and Military Can Pay Less

If you are a student or past/present military, bring your ID. Many resorts have discounts for students, but you may need to prove their grades in school. The same goes for any active military or veteran. Some resorts will give the whole family a discount if there’s a veteran along!

6. Enjoy a Senior Discount For Skiing

Ski resorts love older visitors, and many offer cheaper rates for seniors. Check senior pricing online, and don’t forget to bring your AARP card (and other benefit cards) along on the trip.

7. Get Away During The Week

If you can escape to the slopes during the week, you can save money on ski trips, lodging and lift tickets. It would be best to look for deals on stays from Monday through Thursday during a week with no holidays. Both lift tickets and accommodations go for a premium on the weekends and holidays.

8. Buy a Season Ski Pass

If you’re going to ski a lot this season, it only makes sense to get a season pass. It’s way cheaper than paying full price at the ticket window. Season passes like the Mountain Collective, Epic Pass and Ikon Pass also include additional benefits. There are several other regional multi-area passes to consider too.

9. Get a Multi-Day Pass

Are you planning to ski multiple days this season? Consider a multi-day pass. It’s still cheaper than a daily full-price ticket and gets less expensive the more days you purchase.

10. Buy Your Lift Tickets Early

You can save money on lift tickets by purchasing them at least seven days in advance. Buy your lift tickets online more than a week out, and you’ll get them cheaper. (Many resorts offer this promotion, but check the specifics at your destination.)

11. Get Free Stuff

Try to win free stuff through seasonal giveaways at Skier Deals. We get freebies often, and we love to pass it along to our visitors. When it comes to saving money, you can’t beat free!

12. Use Your Travel Points

If you have earned any travel points with an airline, see if you can get a discounted flight direct to a ski resort like Jackson Hole or Aspen. Salt Lake City is another great location, with more than 10 resorts within an hour of the airport. Using airline miles to get free or discounted tickets is a beautiful way to save.

how to save money on ski trips
Saving a chunk of money on your ski deal can leave you sitting pretty (with a fantastic view).

13. Explore Ski Vacation Packages

Are you looking for something more all-inclusive? Check out deals on ski vacation packages that offer discounted lodging, rentals, lift tickets and other perks. There are many package deals out there, each one being different. It’s worth looking to see if something is a good fit for you or your group. (Of course, the best place to start is, where we have a package for just about everywhere!)

14. Get The Gang Together

Have a larger family or group that wants to ski? Group packages push down the per-person cost of a ski vacation considerably. Splitting the cost among ten or more guests can make lodging, ski rentals, and lift tickets much cheaper. Hotels and ski resorts have many promotions and perks for larger groups, such as wedding parties, business retreats, corporate outings and family get-togethers.

15. Don’t Sleep By The Slopes

Ski-in and ski-out lodging is fantastic and convenient, but it also comes with a premium price tag. Finding a deal on a slopeside residence can be challenging, but some are out there. Consider lodging off the slopes for a better nightly rate as one of the top ways to save money on ski trips. Many hotels and condos provide complimentary transportation to and from the slopes. You can save money by handling a 5- to 10-minute shuttle ride to the lifts.

16. Use Free Public Transportation

Some ski towns have excellent free transportation that you can use. Catching a free local bus to the lifts can save on parking at the ski resort and car rental costs. Play your cards right, and you can avoid a car rental altogether.

17. Prepare Meals at Your Condo

Renting a condo instead of a hotel room means you’ll have a full kitchen to prepare some meals. Most condos have a full kitchen with a stove, oven, microwave, coffee maker and full-size refrigerator with a freezer. Fix some meals at home, and save money on your ski trips. Just be sure to stock up on groceries before you head to the resort because items in ski towns or villages can be expensive.

18. Pack Snacks

Don’t fall to temptation on the slopes. Bring some snacks in your jacket for the day to keep you from purchasing expensive items on the mountain. Granola bars and trail mix are popular choices for a quick pick-me-up on the hill. And don’t forget to pack plenty of hydration in a water bottle. If you’re not prepared, you’ll pay a premium at a slopeside store.

19. Pack Less and Do Laundry

Most condos also have a washer and dryer, so you can save money by packing less and doing laundry during your stay. It’s also perfect for drying your socks during a lunch break.

20. Don’t Lug Your Ski Gear

Rent ski gear at the resort; you won’t need to pay for shipping or inflated baggage handling expenses at the airport. You also won’t take up space in your car if you’re driving. If you want to save money, leave the gear home and only bring the essentials. Ski rental companies have equipment for beginners and high-performance gear for more advanced skiers and snowboarders that is very affordable. You can rent skis and poles, snowboards with bindings, boots and a helmet. Some rental companies even offer free delivery to your condo or hotel.

21. Don’t Shop At The Resort

Bring everything else you need from home: gloves, goggles, socks, outerwear and plenty of layers. You’ll be able to get these items at home for much cheaper than at the resort. You may be able to score some secondhand gear at a local thrift shop or garage sale or Craigslist if you’re lucky. Or, buy quality items at the end of the season at a discounted price, so you’re ready for next year.