5 Affordable Ski Resorts in the West

The West has some of North America’s best skiing and it can be challenging to decide where to go, especially when some resorts are a little pricey. But never fear, there are affordable ski resorts in the West where you can get in your turns. In this post, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the affordable ski resort options you have before you.

The truth is that there are quite a few ski resorts to explore that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. But since there are so many out there, we wanted to focus on five that will make your wallet (and you) pretty happy! Check out these fantastic five resorts and get ready to shred fresh powder when you arrive.

Palisades Tahoe ski runs are affordable.
Palisades Tahoe, formerly known as Squaw Valley, is one of California’s most affordable ski resorts.

1. Palisades Tahoe (California)

If you don’t think it’s possible to enjoy affordable skiing in California, you can think again! Palisades Tahoe, located in California’s stunning Lake Tahoe, provides high-quality skiing at a price your budget will adore. This particular ski resort has more than 2,400 acres of skiing available, which includes more than 100 different and exciting trails. Since there are trails for skiers of all experience levels, Palisades Tahoe is an excellent choice for family ski vacations.

On average, a one-night stay is more affordable than most places. And, there’s plenty of food, drink and entertainment options to explore that won’t break the bank. Skier Deals can even help you save even more on things like the cost of rentals, lift tickets, and gear! And you can do it simply by checking out our California page. Think more about how you’ll be riding along this or other incredible terrains and spend less time fretting about going over your budget.

2. Big Bear (California)

If you’re a fan of skiing and unwinding in a place with breathtaking scenery, you can’t go wrong with California’s Big Bear ski resort. With just over 800 skiable acres, Big Bear guests get a great deal of mileage out of the land, and trails abound.

The ski trails make great use of the mountain tops and stunning drops, making it a perfect place for any lover of the outdoors. Both local skiers and out-of-town visitors can take advantage of an assortment of different ski features, including the Skill Builders Park, Red Bull Plaza and one of the few Super Pipes in Southern California. The resort is open year-round and features season-appropriate activities for all guests. It’s the perfect destination for everyone, whether you’re bringing the whole family or you’re riding solo.

Get in on the fun while saving up a little spare change for an extra pair of gloves or that new helmet you’ve been eyeing. They make it easy to save at Bear Valley, so why not pat yourself on the back for finding a great resort for a great price?

3. Crested Butte (Colorado)

Colorado is home to a wide assortment of breathtaking resorts, from boutique to luxury and family-friendly! Crested Butte is a popular spot where visitors can spend “more time on the slopes and less time in lift lines!” More than half the mountain has dedicated areas for beginner and intermediate skiers, but it also offers incredible extreme terrain for thrill-seeking skiers/riders. But what makes this resort stand out is its historic and authentic vibe. Boasting one of Colorado’s largest NHD (National Historic Districts), Crested Butte radiates a welcoming atmosphere everyone loves.

And don’t be fooled by the small-town vibes the ski resort gives off, either, because they can play with some of the biggest hitters. You’ll find 1,547 acres of skiable terrain, over 120 trails, Nordic skiing, zip line tours and more this season, and that’s not even where your adventures end! Crested Butte is a force that’s just waiting for you to take a chance on it, all while delivering extraordinary guest services and a budget-friendly resort.

Big views at Schweitzer Mountain ski resort.
Idaho’s Schweitzer Mountain offers great runs and big views at an affordable price.

4. Schweitzer Mountain (Idaho)

When it comes to beauty, it’s hard to beat the 2,900 lift-accessible acres that make up Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort. And though this resort isn’t on the coast, it offers guests a tremendous western resort experience. The ski resort is tucked against Selkirk Mountain’s foothills, a massive area where the wishes of every skiing enthusiast can become realized.

The resort gets almost 300 inches of snow annually, and the high-quality powder often lasts for days. Approximately 10% of the ski trails are perfect for beginners, and 15% are geared toward experienced expert skiers. The nearby town of Sandpoint was named the “Most Beautiful Small Town” in the USA Today, so you’ll have even more to do on the days you’re not gliding along the powder.

5. Mt. Bachelor (Oregon)

Mt. Bachelor has excellent skiing and affordable pricing for a ski resort on the west coastAnyone who loves good skiing, a good deal, and ending a day of great skiing with a good beer needs to get themselves to Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort. The resort averages 387 inches of good snowfall yearly and has more than 3,700 acres crisscrossed by great ski trails. One of the resort’s most exciting features is its 3,365-foot vertical drop.

While skiing is just one feature that draws skiers to the area (of course), there are also incredible benefits close by. Located just a few minutes drive, guests can enjoy 14 different breweries, making it easy for you to find a spot to hang out with the new friends you met while cruising the slopes. The nearby town is also home to several yoga studios where you can limber after a long day out on the mountain. There’s nothing quite like a relaxing getaway that offers you everything you want at a fraction of the cost of most resorts.