Taos Ski Valley Ski Vacation Guide

It almost seems unbelievable that you could ski on a single run of 3.5 miles atop 310 inches of amazingly dry and fluffy New Mexico powder and not see a single skiier.

Ski Levels

Experts will go crazy on Castor and Pollux—try to avoid the trees that are as close as two feet apart! Hunziger, Highline Ridge, Kachina Peak, and West Basin Ridge are well known to be gnarly, ragged edge runs only for the fittest and most experienced advanced skiers. Intermediates will find that they have their hands full with most of the runs on this mountain, because what are called intermediate runs here would be advanced to expert at other resorts. The selections become considerably wider when beginners are concerned, as they can choose from a number of easy, safe runs such as Bonanza, Bambi, Rubezahl, and White Feather. Keep an eye out for traffic as the less advanced runs are more busy. Taos Ski Valley operates one of the most renowned ski schools in the country offering courses for all ages and skill levels. It's a good idea to gain skills through Taos Ski Valley's master instructors as the weather is almost always picture perfect and magnificently suited for marvelous skiing in this part of the state.

Après Ski

Taos is known around the country as one of the finest cities to sample original and delicious lip smacking New Mexican and Tex Mex cuisine, but it's not particularly an economical place to dine. Most of the restaurants feature entrees north of $20 and if you're vacationing with the whole family that might be a bit of a hit. There are some wonderful economical alternatives. Some of the best (and most affordable): Katie's Cafeteria, Tim's Stray Dog Cantina, El Taoseno, Orlando's New Mexican Kitchen, Ogelviesm and for breakfasts that not even the most ravenous teenage skier could ever manage to finish, check out Michael's Kitchen's enormous portions.

This state's scenery is not only astounding, but it is quite different from what you would see at ski resorts in other states, therefore you should be planning on booking a snowmobile tour or old-fashioned sleigh ride with Adventure Tours. A family favorite is the sleigh-ride package, offered by Roadrunner Tours. They will take you on a good ol' fashioned horse-drawn sleigh to a remote sheepherders' tent, where the cooky will prepare your dinner over an open fire. Watch the sun go down as you tell tall tales around the campfire and have an absolutely great time. After dark, you must do the Red River Night Sky Adventure. It's a spectacular tour of the universe through amazingly powerful telescopes of the crystal clear winter skies, revealing more detail than you could see from anywhere else but space. Or take the family out on your own self-guided tour by renting a powerful snowmobile at Sled Shed, Fast Eddie's, or BobCat Pass Adventures.

Taos Ski Valley Snowboard Vacation Guide

Rider’s Guide

This is a very well-equipped resort with a total of 12 lifts, comprising of two surface lift, five double chairs, one triple chair, and four quad chairs. Snowboard on 110 trails and their longest run of 30,360 feet that will turn your legs to jelly atop 310 inches of powder. Their trails are rated 24 percent for beginners, 25 percent for intermediates, and 51 percent for advanced.

Parks and Pipes

The Out to Launch Terrain Park is located on Maxie’s run under lift number 7 and offers two big airs, a hip, a quarter-pipe, and rails. The park is groomed nightly.

Out of Bounds

You want to see all of the fantastic New Mexico scenery you possibly can, so book a snowmobile tour or old-fashioned sleigh ride with Adventure Tours. Roadrunner Tours will take you on a sleigh ride to a sheepherders’ tent and cook your dinner over an open fire. If you want to rent your own snowmobile, contact Fast Eddie’s, Sled Shed, or BobCat Pass Adventures. The must do in the Taos area is the Red River Night Sky Adventure. It’s a powerful telescopic universe tour that, due to the altitude and the crystal clear winter skies, is absolutely spectacular.

Hangout & Hookup

Après ski is great at The Bavarian, The Martini Tree Bar, The Edelweiss Bar, or Tim’s Stray Dog Cantina. However, you’re going to want to check out the bars and clubs in Taos, and where to start drinking is likely going to be your most problematic choice. You can select from really great watering holes like Arroya Seco Tavern, El Taoseno Lounge, Lambert’s Bar, Lucky Shoe, Herb’s Lounge, Ogelvie’s Taos Bar, Hideaway Lounge, The Inn at Snakedance, Momentitos de la Vida, and The Anaconda Bar at El Monte Sagrado for some upscale drinking and dancing. Eske’s Brew Pub has some decorations left over from the hippie era, but you can’t beat it for a selection of really great live country and folk music, as well as its excellent local microbrews and pub fare. You have to order a mug of Eske’s green chili beer. Just drink it, and you’ll be thankful afterwards. Drink a margarita the size of a bathtub at OBL and see if you can walk out. You can check out the sounds at the Thunderbird Lodge or go two steppin’ at the Sagebrush Lounge. But if you want to really visit the two premier music and dance locations, you have to head to The Adobe Bar and The Alley.