Le Massif Ski Vacation Guide

The Quebec City area is a great place to visit in Canada if you want to feel like you're in the heart of French culture without heading to Europe to do it. Most people speak French and English, so even if you're not bilingual you enjoy all the ski experiences the area has to offer.

Ski Levels

Le Massif is a great ski resort in the area that offers world-class skiing over 43 trails. They have 5 lifts to make sure you don't wait in line but can ski instead. The longest run at Le massif is almost 15,000 feet. This ski resort offers about a quarter of their trails each for beginners and advanced skiers, about 36 percent are intermediate trails and the remaining 13 percent are rated for expert skiers only.

Mont-Sainte Anne is another ski resort in the Quebec City area where you can enjoy a whopping 65 trails and a top run of over 7,000 feet. They offer 13 lifts to keep people moving back to the top of the mountain. This is a busier resort than Le Massif that even offers a Magic Carpet lift for kids and learners. There are 25 percent beginner trails, about 45 percent for intermediate skiers, and 20 percent are advanced trails, with 10 percent for only the most expert and adventurous skiers.

Stoneham is another Quebec City area resort that has 32 trails and a top fun of just over 10,000 feet. Most of the trails here are for advanced and expert skiers, with a full 17 percent for the most experienced and about 40 percent for advanced skiers. Only 20 percent of the trails are for beginners, so this resort is a top destination for experienced skiers looking for challenging terrain.

Après Ski

Because of the mix of Canadian and French culture, and the food is often a mix between traditional French cuisine and staple Canadian dishes, as well as typical American fare. Dining and shopping in an around Quebec City offers something for everyone, whether you prefer to stay in the more tourist shops or venture into smaller specialty shops and stores designed for locals.

Nightlife in Quebec City rivals a big city with the hustle and bustle in some areas, but a variety of smaller lounges and elegant bars make up the brunt of what's available in the area. Still, for great skiing and an Old World experience right in North America, Quebec City is ideal.

Le Massif Snowboard Vacation Guide

Rider’s Guide

The Quebec City region is the center of a province which is set completely aside from the rest of North America. It is the only place on the continent where the majority of people are Francophones, so you are more likely to feel as if you’re in the French Alps than in North America. The Quebec City Region is the home to some world-class resorts: Le Massif has a total of five lifts, over 43 trails, a run of 14,200 feet, and nearly 240 inches of snow a year. Mont-Sainte-Anne has 13 lifts, over 65 trails, a run of over 7,000 feet, and 165 inches of powder a year. Stoneham has nine lifts, 32 trails, a run of 10,050 feet, and 145 inches of snow a year.

Parks and Pipes

There are plenty of natural features at these amazing resorts and Stoneham is the site of the Nokia Snowboard FIS World Cup, so you can be sure of amazing halfpipes, tons of action, snowboard cross, and much more!

Out of Bounds

If you’ve never been to Europe, get ready for massive culture shock. Quebec City is unlike any other North American city you can imagine, This is a city that loves its winters, and celebrates them with one of the biggest winter festivals in the world which includes huge indoor and outdoor parties, ice palaces, sculptures, ice baths, dog sled races, and snowmobile races.

Hangout & Hookup

When night falls on Quebec City the action really lights up. To quench your thirst, head to the several great bars such as Le Fou Bar where the students hang out on rue St-Jean, or go down the hill to Le Boudoir, on rue de l’Eglise, which also doubles as a red hot club at night. Jules et Jim on 1060 avenue Cartier is an established local favorite, along with L’Inox, a great brew-pub on 37 rue St-André and if you’re really thirsty, Le Pub Saint-Alexandre will serve you any of 200 beers. The club scene really shines in Old Quebec, so make sure to check out the hottest dance floors at Le Kashmir, at 1018 rue St-Jean; Temps Partiel, at 698 rue D’Aiguillon; Maurice, 575 Grande Allée Est; or Chez Dagobert, right across the street. At 1175 avenue Cartier, Le Turf has Irish atmosphere and a busy dance floor.