Eldora Mountain Ski Vacation Guide

The weather in Boulder is often milder than on the slopes. The town is laid back and welcoming, and it's a place you will find several healthy and environmentally friendly cuisine. Skiing is just a short drive away in Winter Park or Eldora Mountain.

Ski Levels

Eldora Mountain is now a part of the Vail Epic Pass, which allows you to save some money and ski multiple ski resorts in Colorado and throughout the world. This is a great new addition to the Epic Pass because Eldora is a quieter mountain, just a short drive from Boulder, making it the perfect day-trip mountain experience. With 680 skiable acres and plenty of terrain for all levels of skiers, you won't get bored here. Eldora offers an incredible ski school that is so good many families from Denver and Boulder use it as a way to teach their kids to ski. In addition, the four terrain parks on the mountain and the intensive cross-country terrain make this a mountain that offers something for just about everyone.

Downhill skiers and snowboarders will be thrilled to sample the many incredible nearby ski resorts. You can pick up your gear (purchased or rented) from a local shop there in the Boulder or Denver area the night before you head to the resorts, and be ready to hit the slopes when you arrive in the morning. Rather than picking any one resort, staying in Boulder allows you to have great accommodations and a very contemporary cultural environment, while enjoying a sampling of the great skiing that the Colorado Rockies have to offer. For example, you could take an early morning drive through some breathtaking scenery on your way to the world-class skiing at Winter Park. The skiing at Mary Jane is legendary, yet the vibe is laid back and comfortable.

Après Ski

Check out Boulder's awesome live music scene and their many unique restaurants. As a college town, the area has attracted a lot of possibilities for fun and things to do. Though Boulder has own Flatirons Mountains, they are not suitable for downhill skiing. Cross-Country skiing and mountain biking are more appropriate in the actual town and surrounding area of Boulder. Boulder is on the way to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, a unique environment in the U.S., the only place within the lower 49 states where one finds tundra terrain. While neither Estes Park nor Rocky Mountain National Park have ski lifts, one can still cross-country ski there, or even downhill ski, if you don't mind the walk up.

Eldora Mountain Snowboard Vacation Guide

Boulder, Colorado is one of the most attractive snowboarding vacation experiences in the United States—set at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where you can find some of the best and most consistent winter snowboarding conditions just a short drive away. The city is very close to the Denver International Airport, making it easy to access. The area is fully packed winter activities.

Eldora Riding

The closest ski resort to Boulder, Colorado is the Eldora Mountain Resort. The resort offers the Boulder Ski Escape package, which combines lodging and lift ticket costs. The Eldora Mountain Resort has one of the best snowmaking systems in the entire state. The area receives excellent snowfall, having around 300 inches of snowfall every year. The Corona Bowl is a double black diamond mountain with some of the most difficult terrain. The resort has the excellent groomed terrain. The longest run is three miles long giving you plenty of room to enjoy skiing here. Set in the beautiful winter weather gives you all of the slopes and facilities to have a great winter vacation.

Four terrain parks offer great range of jibs, rollers, and even a trick ditch. Ride on flats, air on flat boxes, down rails, flat rails and up flat down battleships let you try out different moves and you can develop your knowledge of snowboarding tricks to a high level when you aren’t tearing your way down the steep slopes of the mountain.

Hangouts & Hookups

After you finish spending time on the slopes during the day, the area provides a varied and diverse nightlife and après ski experiences. The city is not a famous tourist city for skiers and snowboarders, but is one of the best developed cities in the state of Colorado, offering live music, nightlife, excellent restaurants and bars.