Alpine Valley Ski Resort Ski Vacation Guide

Getting from Chicago to the Alpine Valley ski experience proves surprisingly quick and easy. The city gives way to suburbs, suburbs to farmlands, a few brief breezes through communities, and just off the highway is this pleasant big-bang-for-your-bucks ski resort. The staff is warm, friendly, and inviting. It's very small-town—nothing pretentious about Alpine Valley—just good folks sharing their knowledge and love of skiing with the rest of us. It's just like the rest of the Midwest, you're a welcomed guest.

Ski Levels

This alpine ski resort is well developed. There are seven lifts, pretty much one for every peak's run – eight all told. As you ride up, you'll enjoy a view of the terrain and countryside. There are three lifts alone near the beginner trails, with three additional carpet rides taking true beginners just a quarter up the mountain for easy practice. As beginners advance, they'll enjoy First Adventure and Valley View and one step above that nearby is Timbers Gulch and TImers Trail. Almost designed for beginners in mind, Alpine does a great job at allowing those who need it, as much practice as they can get.

Downhill skiers who want vertical tuck will probably be most pleased with the middle of the mountain. Broadway, Shelter, Lodge, & Big Thunder are for more advanced skiers. The adrenaline junkies will most certainly spend their time on the East Pass or left side of the mountain, where they'll find three terrain parks (on Shelter, Mohawk, and Alpine).

The ski school keeps things light and friendly as well. The toddlers will be tickled to learn to ski from a clown, while adults and kids of all ages will benefit from their professional advice. Whether you're a newbie, fresh out of the box, or a more experienced skier or snowboarder, you're sure to see rapid improvement from an hour or two of the top notch ski schools expertise.

Après Ski

After a full day of outdoor adventure on the ski runs or pipes and rails, relax and enjoy the restaurant at the Alpine Dining Room or enjoy a favorite beverage cocktail at the Valley View Lounge. The town of Elkhorn is small, with that Midwestern welcoming atmosphere. Here you'll find several hotels includingg Hampden Inn and the Ye Olde Manor House Bed and Breakfast. In addition, you can go where the locals go to eat: Charley O's Stone Fired Grill, Fiddlesticks Cafe, or even Moy's Restaurant. All in all, the Alpine Valley Ski Resort proves it can deliver. What the mountain lacks in stature—when compared with a Rocky Mountain resort—they make up for in ample freestyle terrain areas and a well-designed, well-maintained environment.

Alpine Valley Ski Resort Snowboard Vacation Guide

Rider’s Guide

Alpine Valley is one of the biggest resorts you can find in Southeastern Wisconsin. The Alpine Valley snowboarding resort offers 90 acres of skiable terrain, with the longest run of 3,000 feet. The top of the mountain is at 1,260 feet, while the bottom is at 1,020 feet. The vertical drop is 388 feet, making it the largest drop in southern Wisconsin.

Parks and Pipes

To start, hit up the Alpine Valley Facebook page. Throughout the season, they post updates on terrain park features, snow reports, and night skiing. If you hit the Broadway area, you can enjoy some great free styling. There you’ll find a staircase rail, a 30-foot flat rail, 10-foot flat rail, 45-foot up rail, mail box rail, and a jump with 15-foot table top. On Shelter, you’ll find a 15-foot pipe rail, three 20-foot table tops, a 25-foot rail, and a quarter pipe with tire. The smallest of the three terrain parks, Alpine, features a roller line that is the length of the hill. Beginners will truly take over the west ski area with 40 percent of its terrains designated for them, while an additional 40 percent are for the intermediate skiers. The advanced skiers should head to the East Pass for the remaining runs.

Out of Bounds

The town of Elkhorn lives by their motto, "Live in Harmony." The people are welcoming and kind. The resort also offers meeting facilities, you can even get married at the resort and have your honeymoon all at the same place. The Alpine Valley Music Theatre is also nearby to the resort, bringing in some excellent performers throughout the more mild months.

Hangout & Hookup

The Alpine Valley snowboarding resort offers 123 guest rooms and four suites. While at the resort, you can hang out at the indoor pool and whirlpool. Or, grab a drink at the cocktail lounge and do a little people watching. Consider some of the local restaurants and bars for some fun. The resort area offers excellent beers on tap and in the summer a concert venue nearby.