SkiCoupons Relaunches as SkierDeals

With more than 20 years of providing amazing ski deals and discounts at North America’s best ski resorts, SkiCoupons has decided that it is time for a change.

SkiCoupons is now called The days of clipping coupons are over, but saving a wad of cash on ski rentals, lift tickets, ski lodging, transportation, activities, meals and more never goes out of style! Our new name better defines who we are and what we’re all about.

Based in Denver at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and close to the world’s best ski resorts, is a division of Vacation Coupons. We’ve been providing savings for skiers and snowboarders since 1998 – a few years before the dawn of the internet age. We’ve gone from hand-delivering printed coupons to ski lodges in resort towns like Vail, Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs to providing exclusive, last-minute blockbuster ski deals at every major ski resort in Colorado, California, Western Canada and prime East Coast states like Vermont, New Hampshire and New York that you can take advantage of from your phone! We’re always looking to bring you great ski deals from intimate resorts in the Midwest too!

Front-Facing Innovations for Consumers retains many of the user-friendly elements that made its predecessor, SkiCoupons such a success for more than two decades. But there are several new innovations that make searching for deals and putting together the ultimate ski vacation savings package easier than ever before. Let’s peek at some of the latest improvements:

We’ve updated our logo so it’s big, bold and beautiful! We kept our signature dark blue, gray and white color palette that has been our calling card since the 1990s. We’re confident that you’ll soon recognize our new logo as the industry standard for online savings, specials and discounts at North America’s best ski resorts.

Our Home Page

From our revamped home page, you’ll be able to pinpoint desirable ski deals and specials faster than ever before. Explore nationwide ski deals from the search widget at the top of the page. Choose your preferred state or province, resort name, and deal category to get started. Or select your specific state or province from our extensive list located just below.


Through our extensive network of industry contacts and connections, we come across some pretty crispy swag from time to time! When our partners donate skis, goggles, lift tickets, stickers and other cool stuff, we love to pass it on to you. Our new and improved Giveaways section will showcase an array of goodies up for grabs all year long. So, bookmark the Giveaways page and sign up to win! We will regularly post updates of winners as well as announce new giveaways.

Last Minute Deals

Access our Last-Minute Deals from the top navigation on our homepage and unlock enormous ski deals and savings on trips happening in the next few days or week. A last-minute deal is one of the best ways to get a wonderful ski vacation at an exceptionally low rate. If that’s not attractive enough, we even have exclusive deals that you won’t find anywhere else. Save 40 percent or more at top resorts when you book direct.

Our Blog

Need some inspiration? Scroll down our home page and read the latest headlines from Our Blog that’s updated consistently throughout the season. Learn about the latest ski gear, read about updates that are underway or recently completed, or explore the rich history of skiing and snowboarding. We pride ourselves in quality blog content that’s focused on the betterment of the mountain lifestyle rather than shilling an expensive product or unnecessary service to our loyal followers.

Want to get somewhere fast? Our Quick Links menu at the bottom of our homepage provides immediate access to ski shops and rentals, lift tickets and season passes, lodging, transportation, retail ski shops, activities and tours, exclusive deals, and online shops.

Social Media

In addition to keeping up with us through our blog, give us a follow on social media. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We regularly share ski deals, specials, inspiring stories, current news and amazing resort photos on our feed to keep customers in the loop with all the happenings on the mountains of North America. Keep your eyes peeled, and you may occasionally see a blockbuster online-only flash sale with an unbelievably deep discount.

Enhanced Features and Improvements for ski businesses

Our new SkierDeals web site is more automated and user friendly than its predecessor. It’s fully mobile and desktop compatible, so you can access ski deals and discounts on the fly from your smartphone, or in the comfort of your own home on your desktop computer or tablet.

A new feature coming for businesses who advertise with us will be our turnkey, self-service interface that is more flexible and gives you more options to create, manage and test your special offers. Our new platform allows you, as a business owner, the ability to craft short-term and long-term deals for both the summer and winter seasons.

You can build an unlimited number of ski deals and specials and give each one its own distinctive promo code. Create limited offers and exclusive specials for a short period of time to drive traffic to your website, or set up a seasonal special and let it run all year. Or establish a killer last-minute bargain to move unused inventory at the 11th hour. The choice is yours:

Limited or Exclusive Specials

Establish a limited-time or exclusive offer that is available to your customers for a short period. This can be a blockbuster special that shaves a good percentage off your regular rate. We’ve seen great success from vendors who can offer 15, 20, 25 or even 30 percent off. You can also set up a limited number of specials at a specific rate to better control your inventory. A limited or exclusive special gets customers talking and sharing your info across social media platforms, and drives traffic to your main site.

Seasonal Specials

Set up a seasonal deal to offer guests a special rate for the entire season, during the high points and the low-traffic times. Build your seasonal special months before the ski season starts so early birds can make plans in advance, then keep it up all year to maximize your exposure and attract last-minute travelers as well. Seasonal specials are a wonderful way to attract new travelers and get them coming back year after year for the same great deal.

Last-Minute Deals

Need to move inventory quickly? Our last-minute deals functionality allows you to craft a last-minute deal or special to fill those empty rooms. By putting a great last-minute deal on our site, you’ll see your remaining inventory gobbled up by skiers hunting for an awesome, 11th-hour special. Offer an exclusive number of last-minute ski deals to drive phone traffic, walk-in traffic and website clicks, or provide an unlimited sample – the versatility is yours to hit your targeted goals.

More Innovations on the Horizon

We’re not done improving our website! We will be rolling out more great features soon that include further site automation to boost interaction with clients and customers.

For Skiers and Snowboarders

  • Deal Caddy & Deal Share – Store deals! Mark them and come back later, or e-mail links to deals to family and friends!
    Marketplace – We’re making our Shopping Cart more streamlined and easier to use!
  • Social Sharing – Communicate deals and specials within your personal network.

For Business Advertisers

  • Advanced Client Dashboard – We’re revamping our client dashboard for posting Last-Minute Deals to make it more effective and easier to use.
  • Results & Statistics – Receive a custom-drafted stat report upon request that charts your progress and success.
  • Multiple Levels of Payment to Save You Money – Manage your recurring advertising more effectively. Save when you enroll in autopay, and never miss a beat.

Protect Your Brand Integrity

SkierDeals can help protect your brand integrity by providing you a reputable space to move your remaining inventory at a significant discount. For more than 20 years, SkiCoupons has been a leading “discount” ski rental and lift ticket discount site. Many ski shop owners used SkiCoupons to significantly reduce inventory without having to display the deep discount on their branded site. Presenting your biggest bargains on a secondary, “discount” website is a tactic many owners employ to avoid customers seeing a massive discount on their branded site and expecting to get that deal at any time of year. Shop owners have found that moving inventory on a secondary site alleviates this issue.

Today, SkierDeals is the place to move your last-minute inventory or deep discounts. We have a strong reputation as a reliable, discount vendor. Our site’s innovative share feature allows owners to create a special and then immediately share to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the click of a button.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Sign up as an owner on
  2. Create your special.
  3. Add any exclusions and date restrictions.

Hit the share button and copy the link generated to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.
Promoting your special through SkierDeals and then sharing on your branded social media also give the impression that you’re a large company working with the biggest names in the industry. Our partners include vital ski culture businesses and most major ski resorts.

How to Get Started with

Let us help you build your business through our trusted network of ski affiliates. We’re based in Denver and have had the same owner for more than two decades. Our owner, Steve, and his team can get your ski deals in front of the right eyes! We’ve worked with several smaller East Coast resorts that needed to stand out from the crowd, and we’ve helped larger resorts in California and Colorado achieve new heights in seasonal lift ticket sales. Ski rental shops that promote their discounts and specials on our site have found an increase in phone calls and online bookings.

Contact us today to see how we can help! If you have an existing ad, we’d be happy to update it. If you’re new, submit a form here and we will get back to you, or call us at (303) 759-1179.