The Importance of Finding The Right Ski Boots

Why this essential piece of ski equipment must be carefully picked out

Skiing is an investment, but one that’s well worth it. Like many sports, you can purchase ski equipment that’s vital to the overall experience. Because it’s so important to find the right ski boots, it’s always a great idea to rent them before you buy them! And though you might be ready to buy, it’s good to try on a few pairs before you say yes to the first you try on!

Ski boots, in general, serve multiple obvious functions. But mostly they are needed because without them you wouldn’t be able to ski at all. And if you use the wrong ones they may end up hurting your feet and make skiing unpleasant.

Randomly picking boots won’t work and it’s best to do a little research to find the right boot fit for you. It’s a pretty big deal to invest in ski boots, so why rush into it without seeing what’s on the market first? You want your boots to fit well, and meet your needs which is why renting is the perfect alternative to buying.

Renting ski boots will inevitably lead to the right boot purchase. They are arguably the most important piece of equipment you can buy, so never take it lightly! Let’s take a moment to review what to look for when trying boots for the first (or hundredth time). These quick tips will help you identify what key components are essential when testing them out.


Match Your Foot Shape


get the right boots before you go skiing but take your time in doing soA nice looking boot is one thing, but does it actually match how your feet are shaped? When you’re looking for boots, ask a trained boot fitter to help you find the proper shell size. You’ll more than likely go through several options, but it’s better to take your time when choosing what to rent.

Shell size should also accurately match the width and length of your foot. Fitters will measure and evaluate your instep height, heel and forefoot width, and your shin diameter. Determining these ahead of time gives them a better idea of which boots to have you try. And you won’t be leaving the rental store with boots that cause your feet sore after a day on the slopes.  


Pick Boots That Are User-Friendly


Today’s boots are very different from a decade ago. They’re possibly a little different than how they were three years ago too. Because there’s so much diversity in what boots can and can’t do, you want to stay on the lookout for a boot that suits your skill level and needs.

Some boots have features like walk mode or a “rockered” sole that makes it easier to stomp around in the snow without losing balance. Others have flex adjustments that change the stiffness when skiing different types of terrain.

Selecting ski boots that make life easier on your favorite trails and around the lodge will make your experience the best that it can be. Plus, you won’t be frustrated by your boots either so you can focus on having more fun!


Match Boots To Your Ski Goals


Whether you’ve been skiing for years or just had your first outing last season, there are always wide selections of snow boots to match your skill level. Rental shops both on and off the mountain have dedicated team members who can easily narrow your selection down. New and sometimes used boots are typically more supportive and don’t weigh as much as they did in previous years. Lighter boots allow you to walk and ski around without the feeling of being dragged down.

If you’re more interested in skiing the backcountry or are an advanced skier, always opt for an alpine boot. It functions differently than others do and gives you a wider range of terrain to traverse. If you’re more of an intermediate or beginner skier, then simply select a comfortable boot option that grips well in the snow. But be sure to be vocal for what you’re looking for so your boot fitter understands how best to help you.


Always Try Before You Buy


It can’t be said enough that when looking for the right boots you should wait on buying them and try several ski boot rentals instead. Before taking the plunge, have staff at a ski shop walk you through the process. By renting ski boots you’ll have several options to pick from and test out without shelling out a lot of money upfront. Expert boot fitters are capable of answering all of your questions and guiding you towards your best choice.

It’s also a safe bet that the ski resort you go to will have local ski rental shops close by. Shops like the Powder House Boot & Demo Center in Heavenly offer a vast inventory of boots and a knowledgeable team that makes it easy to find the ski boot that’s right for you.

At the end of your trip, you can simply take the equipment back to the shop. Afterward, you can come back the weekend after knowing which boots are the correct ones to use.


Stick With The Professionals Advice


always listen to the professionals when buying your bootsRental and demo shops are dedicated to helping you make the right ski boot decision. Always remember to ask questions along the way and try out more than one option before selecting anything. Even if you have family members, partners or friends suggest their favorite boot brand or style, let the professionals assist you along the way. One fit or style might be perfect for someone, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you.

It’s tempting to quickly pick out ski boots, but it can lead to possible unwanted pain. It can also make your vacation a wash. Take your time finding ski boots and you’ll be rewarded with happy feet (and back and legs too)! You’ll also avoid having to go back numerous times to start the process all over again. It’s a hassle and can easily be avoided when you rent first.

Your boots are one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll buy to complete your ski ensemble. Though it does take a little more time to select the right fit, you’ll be happier in the end and safer when you’re out chasing powder stashes!