How to Plan a Better Family Ski Vacation

There’s a lot that goes into planning a family ski vacation. First, budget the funds for the trip and choose your travel and lodging. Next, you need to make sure you schedule time off work and plan to have your kids out of school. Then, you must begin the lengthy process of packing everyone’s clothes and gear. Needless to say, a little preplanning goes a long way. Here are some tips for planning a better family ski vacation.

We have tips and tricks to help you pull off a better family ski vacation.

Do You Fly or Drive?

When planning a family skiing or snowboarding getaway, the first decision you must make is how you’ll get to the ski resort. You can drive, but then there’s parking expenses and other related costs like gas and overnights stays if you travel a great distance. If you pick flying, airline tickets will probably be one of your major expenses. There are a few ways that you can save money by shopping online for airline deals or free Ski Deals.

Finding a Deal on Airfare

Hunting and pecking online for a deal on airfare can be excruciating. It takes time and is tedious but doing your homework can ensure that you get the best deal. Browse deals online and, in most cases, booking your airfare weeks in advance is probably the prime option. Just remember to check extra fees like carry-on fees, bagging handling costs and other cancellation charges as hidden costs can be plentiful, especially at discount airlines where you pay for every service individually.

Another good tip is to check pricing at smaller airports near the ski resort versus a larger metropolitan airport in the area. Flights directly to smaller airports like Aspen are going to cost considerably more than a flight to Denver, which is a major international airport. Many larger airports provide transportation services to nearby resort via shuttle bus, and there are several rental car services available at the airport.

Saving on Baggage Fees

If you choose to fly, there are airlines out there that offer free carry-on luggage and personal items, or even free checked baggage with limitations. (For example, Southwest Airlines offers two checked bags under 50 lbs. per ticket.) If you do need to pay for checked luggage, many airlines offer a reduced rate if you pay ahead of time rather than paying at the counter the day of your departure. Remember to check for weight and size restrictions to avoid additional surcharges.

Taking Your Gear

If you have your own skis or snowboard that you want to take to the resort with you, you’ll need to do some research on the costs involved, as well as how you’ll pack your gear. You can pack our skis, snowboard, boots, poles and helmets in bags designed for them. A hard ski or snowboard case is strongly recommended. If you’re going to drive to your ski destination, make sure you have plenty of room in the trunk or backseat. If your vehicle has a ski rack, make sure it is property attached and that all your gear is secure. You don’t want anything flying off the top of your car along the Interstate.

Flying with Your Gear

Most airlines will treat your skis and snowboard just like any other piece of luggage and are subject to the airline’s regulations. Boot bags and ski/snowboard bags are typically considered one piece of luggage if the boot bag accompanies the ski or snowboard and only contains boots.

A good tip is to pack your ski and snowboard bag to the max. Boot bags cannot contain anything else, but ski and snowboard bags do not have the same restrictions. Put your smaller items like hats, gloves and socks in your ski bag to save space in your suitcase. Pack the pockets with smaller items, then put your ski jacket in the ski bag instead of your regular luggage to saver even more space. Just make sure your bag does not exceed the maximum weight or size regulations.

There are deals out there for families looking to get away for a ski vacation.

Renting Ski Equipment at the Resort

If you don’t want to lug your gear to the airport, want to try new gear this year, or don’t own any gear, then you’ll need to rent ski equipment once you arrive at the resort. This is the most popular option for families, because it allows you to travel hands-free to the resort. Ski rentals are affordable and there are packages available just for families. The best thing about renting your equipment is that you can return any item if it’s not functioning correctly or if you just don’t like it.

Christy Sports is a major ski rental and retail shop that delivers top-quality equipment along with seasoned technicians to handle all your ski and snowboard needs. Christy Sports offers everything from premium, high-performance gear for intermediate and expert skiers to sturdy, basic packages for novices and first timers.  The retailer also offers premium, sports and all-mountain packages.

Families are at home at Christy Sports, and there are skiing and snowboarding packages for kids ages 12 and under. The most popular option is the Kids Ski Free rental program, where kids under age 12 can ski for free with each adult rental of four days or more.

Renting at the Store

Renting skis and snowboard gear at Christy Sports is as easy as walking into the store. The knowledgeable and dedicated staff provides unmatched experience at every Christy Sports location. Expert techs are always available for a custom fitting to get you on the slopes, or to simply answer your questions or give you gear recommendations. During your trip to the ski resort, stop by any brick-and-mortar store and view the newest clothing, goggles, gloves, skis, snowboards and other related items. If your family or group needs to be fitted for ski gear, schedule an appointment or just stop by any rental location.

Ski Rental Delivery

Another popular option for families is the Door To Door Ski Rental Delivery Service from Christy Sports. D2D delivers the same quality gear you’d receive in the store, only it’s delivered right to your hotel room, condo, townhouse or private home. This convenient option can save you time and keep you from having to spend time at the store. By using D2D, your family can get a personalized ski fitting in the comfort of your own accommodations.

Christy Sports offers delivery service in Aspen Snowmass, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Crested Butte, Keystone, Telluride and Vail in Colorado, along with Deer Valley and Park City, Utah, as well as Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Schedule your custom fitting ahead of time and meet your experienced ski tech from Christy Sports to get fitted in the perfect set of skis or ideal snowboard to challenge the slopes. Your tech will have plenty of options and be able to address any concerns and questions right there on the spot. During your vacation, a tech will respond quickly to any concerns or equipment issues that you have so you don’t spend a lot of time off the mountain. When your ski vacation ends, simply schedule a time to meet up and drop off your skis.

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