Custom Ski Goggles a Hit with Small Businesses and Ski Clubs

Stage Ideas has been making waves lately with their line of fully custom ski goggles that are popular with ski clubs, small businesses, schools, nonprofits and even the world’s best ski resorts. The Salt Lake City-based company ski goggle customization program makes high-quality goggles for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and other winter outdoor adventures. And now – through an exclusive deal with – you can get an awesome discount on the ultimate article of swag for your organization!

Get your logo on a high-quality pair of ski goggles with this deal through Stage Ideas.
Get your logo on a high-quality pair of ski goggles with this deal through Stage Ideas.

Enjoy Big Savings with this Exclusive Deal

Making a fully customized pair of goggles with your company logo, slogan or other design is a perfect way to market your company to active individuals who love to get out and about. The exclusive deal has two awesome benefits: A FREE initial strap design artwork for orders more than 20 units and FREE shipping on all orders over $40 in the lower 48 states.

Personalize a high-quality pair of goggles with your own logo, design and message printed boldly across the goggle strap. Goggles have interchangeable lenses, come with a standard smoke lens and retail for around $70 a pair.

The custom ski goggle process is simple: Begin with an easy-to-use template provided by Stage. If you have any issues doing it yourself, the Stage team can assist in creating artwork for you. Any orders greater than 20 units receive free initial artwork along with one adjustment. That way, you can see your initial vision and get a free tweak to make it even better!

The designers are experts in making sure your logo will look good on the finished product, so it’s easy to feel confident and be excited about the result. There are even previously created templates you can browse that can be modified. There are lots of combinations to get you inspired.

It will take about 3-4 weeks to get your goggles created and shipped to you. Stage Ideas quality-checks each shipment to ensure a high-quality product is delivered every time. Hurry! This exclusive offer expires May 1, 2020.

Why Custom Ski Goggles?

Custom ski goggles are fun and useful for several organizations and businesses. First, it’s a unique piece of marketing that you don’t see every day. Second, all skiers and snowboarders need quality eyewear – and nothing’s better on the slopes that a comfy-fitting pair of goggles with a solid lens that’s easy on the eyes. Third, since people wear goggles all around the resort, your logo and brand will be completely mobile – so you never know where someone might see it! From the lifts to the trails to the base village, your logo will be everywhere.

Stage is known for quality eyewear that can withstand the rigors of outdoors. Now the retailer is offering a special deal on customizable ski goggles exclusively with
Stage is known for quality eyewear that can withstand the rigors of outdoors. Now the retailer is offering a special deal on customizable ski goggles exclusively with

There are lots of uses for customized ski goggles. Let’s look at a few groups that could benefit from this sweet swag:

  • Promote your business. Are you a small business owner with clients, customers or employees who love to ski or snowboard?  Putting your logo on an awesome pair of goggles is a great way to get your brand front-and-center in the ski community. It’s the perfect way to reach a youthful, athletic demographic! Small and medium-sized business can make an impact with these great goggles and larger businesses can further solidify their brand with this ultimate article of swag. Give them away or reward loyal customers or clients!
  • As a promotional item. Have an event you want to promote? A cool pair of ski goggles with your event logo on the strap is a great way to get the word out! Ski goggles can be used year after year, so your event will be remembered for a long time.
  • For ski resorts. Marketing gurus at top ski resorts around the county can promote their ski area through an item that skiers actually use – and love! If you’re a marketing director at a ski resort that needs a little extra promotion, consider ordering some goggles with the resort name and logo on the strap. Everyone loves a souvenir that’s also useful. Sell them at the rental shop, base village or online!
  • Co-Branding Efforts. Entering a joint venture with another organization or business and need something special to spread the message? Designers can work with you to get all the pertinent information and logos in a seamless, clean design that your customers will want to sport on the mountain.
  • Sports Teams & Clubs. Have a ski team, ski club or other team that needs ski goggles? Stage Ideas can help you display your school pride!
  • Ski Trips. Getting the gang together for a family ski trip or other group skiing adventure? Why not order up a set of ski goggles for the crew and blow their socks off!
  • Nonprofit Groups. Are you in charge of a nonprofit and need something unique to get people excited? Stage Ideas has worked with several non-profits over the years to develop creative designs that will really make these goggles pop! It’s a wonderful conversation starter to promote your nonprofit.

What Can You Submit?

Ordering a beautiful set of googles is easy, but there are a few rules to be aware of. First, you cannot submit copyrighted logos or designs that you do not have rights to use. This would include major brand logos like Nike, Burton or Head. If you don’t have express written consent to use the logo in question, then it’s a no-no. The team at Stage Ideas can answer any questions you may have about this topic.

Secondly, the Stage brand logo must be shown toward the front of the strap for consistent branding, additional lens sales and customer service. But don’t worry – your logo will be much more prominent and the central focus!

Want to Customize Something Else?

Do you have an idea about something else you need customized? We have experience and ideas to share about other fun print projects like ski bags or other swag that can move the needle for your business or organization. The support team at Stage Ideas can talk it through with you and make the magic happen!