Alterra Mountain Co. Continues Pushing Ahead

The company once again is upping their game with new improvements to their resorts!

For several years now, Alterra Mountain Company has been making strides to upgrade a number of their resorts. The company is eager to keep exploring the possibilities of creating the best mountain experience around. They are proving to be innovators of change and this year is no different.

The future of their resorts is in good hands. There’s a lot to accomplish but their dedicated team is ready to take on the challenges ahead. Be on the lookout for several resort upgrades for the 2019-2020 ski season. But also prepare for major long-term changes on the horizon as well. What sort of improvements should you expect in the first place?


Capital Improvements For 2019-2020


alterra mountain is making some big improvements again for the 2019-2020 ski season and beyondAlterra recently announced that it plans to invest $181 million in upgrades. This is part of their initial $555 million Improvement Plan that has its sights set to be completed during the 2022-2023 ski season. All 14 of their resorts will see some changes, especially at Squaw Valley. The Northern California resort will install new high-speed lifts to enhance the guest experience, along with Winter Park in Colorado.

Deer Valley will have direct-to-lift access in place, and there will be an installation of a new gondola at Steamboat. These are just among the few projects on the list, which is an extensive and comprehensive shift to keep up with customer demand and technology.

Resorts like Big Bear will see the expansion of its bike park and an increase in parking capacity for guests. The hassle of finding a spot during a busy season will lessen and especially help day-trippers. Similarly, Snowshoe in West Virginia will also see more of an effort in improvements for mountain bikers. The construction of new bike trails allows the resort to continue its reputation for being one of the best mountain biking destinations in the area.


Break Down Of Costs

the changes coming from alterra mountain company are going to shatter the experience during the 2019-2020 ski season and seasons after itThe money for these upgrades is quite spread out, but almost evenly distributed. Out of the $181 million, $32.3 million will go towards improved gondolas and lifts. There’s also a $27.1 million investment in innovation to offer customer-friendly technology.

Efforts for upgraded snowmaking machines will receive $8.3 million, like in Mt Tremblant. The expansion and upgrade give the resort the opportunity to have early-season openings with high-quality conditions.

$6.2 million of the overall pot will be dedicated to expanded dining experiences. One resort that will be affected the most by this is Mammoth Mountain. The second phase of the renovations for Canyon Lodge will continue, as well as improvements to the Mill Restaurant.   

To help build guest engagement, $6.3 million will go into in summer activity investments. And finally, nearly $10 million will help with planning efforts to unlock future potential terrain and lift expansions, and base area developments, among several other improvements.


The Big Picture

for the 2019-2020 ski season alterra mountain is making major improvements to all 14 of their resortsWhile these improvements are well underway, Alterra still has a long road ahead over the next fours years. There’s no telling what will happen once their “master plan” is complete, but it’s safe to say the answer is far from nothing.

Alterra Mountain Company has been championing the elevating the spirit of skiing since its beginning. Staying true to each individual location can be difficult, especially when you’re dealing with so many resorts at once. But Alterra wants to honor these destinations character so everyone else can celebrate the adventures awaiting them on the mountain. Skiers are in for some excellent skiing for the 2019-2020  season and beyond! Where will you end up next ski season after all these changes are made?